No More UnfairTrade

“The Cofi”
Coffee Story made on blockchain

The coffee market is changing. New technologies, a more informed consumer and a general awareness of sustainability are changing the way in which coffee supply and demand are related. The current model seems unfair, the relationship between what the producer earns and what we pay for a cup of coffee is lousy and that is not sustainable.

Today, the consumer needs a relationship, of shared value, that allows him to appreciate not only the specific characteristics of the coffee but also to understand the value of the process, its origins, the form of cultivation. In short, become part of that value chain, that today is not being distributed fairly.

The participation of the coffee farmer in the price of coffee to the final consumer has many challenges and obstacles, which leave it with a lower participation in the price each time. The only way out has been to differentiate by certifications under criteria of specialty quality, organic, origin, fair trade, etc. The problem that even these certifications do not do everything that could be done, especially today that technology allows to reduce costs and improve processes.

We want to give the final consumer a real story, about how his coffee cup was produced, how is the coffee farmer and give him a real and tangible relationship, where he is the last link of that value chain, at the same time giving the coffee grower a tool that allows you to order your processes and improve the quality of your crops to differentiate in quality, as we believe that this is where you can make a significant difference for him, his family, his community and the environment.



– 66% of consumers say they are willing to pay more for brands with a commitment to sustainability

– >4% greater sales in brands with a demonstrated commitment to sustainability, while those without it grew less than 1%

– Social responsibility is one of the most influential factors for corporate reputation for consumer goods companies.

Source: The Sustainability Imperative, Nielsen Report 2015


​The success of your business is directly related to the health of the communities in which you operate


​Sustainability is a leading factor in the relevance, viability an growth of your organization


​Integrating sustainability into your strategy enables responsible growth


Self-certification process

​We believe that coffee needs a better story, one that connects and engages  farmer & consumer, on a transparent and true relationship, so we developed an App to trace the full process of the coffee production on blockchain, delivering “The Cofi Story”


Traceability app + Blockchain-powered history record

  • Programmable tasks by needs

  • GPS and process tracking

  • Ethereum public blockchain

  • Internal gamification dynamics for the user

This application is a work tool, an assistant, a companion, a teacher and a guide, wich will provide a systematic, methodological and simple process to improve the crop, help your community and be part of a global chain of shared value.


​A goal without a plan is just a wish (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry).
We have a vision & the skills to make our goal a reality, and in that process impact millions of lives.
We are 4 guys from 4 diferent countries, united by a common dream, change the way of doing business with coffee. 

​Steven Martínez

​Coffee Specialist

Sca: roaster, brewer, barista skills, student fermenting coffee

Consultant for coffee shops for more than 8 years

From experience as a barista and advisor in assembly and development of specialty stores

​Jens Hardings

​CTO – Co-Founder

Engineer and Ph.D. in Computer Science, entrepreneur and businessman.

20+ years of experience in cybersecurity, data processing and several years of developments using blockchain.

​Vivekananda B Badiger

​Software Specialist

Computer Science Engineer

More than 10 years related to web / mobile / backend / infrastructure projects

Full stack developer, with more than 100 projects successfully developed in USA, India, Europe and Latin America.

​Nicolás Millán

​ CEO – Co-Founder

Lawyer specialized in data, an entrepreneur with 10+ years of experience in global disruption and innovation based on data and the digital economy.

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